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Category: LASIK

LASIK After Forty

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 12/14/2013

A natural aging change in vision that manifests itself after age forty is presbyopia. Presbyopia is a loss of the ability to focus from distance to near and occurs because the crytalline lens in the eye loses it’s flexibility. Older patients who previously did not require glasses may find that they have a need for… Read More »

LASIK Eye Surgery: Improving Visual Function

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 05/25/2013

LASIK eye surgery improves visual function yet many people and insurance carriers consider it cosmetic.  Yet the great majority of patients who undergo LASIK do not do so to improve their appearance.  A large percentage of people choose LASIK for very practical reasons.  Eyeglass wear is impractical for a number of occupations and pastimes.  Some patients are not completely successful at… Read More »

How Will I Pay for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 02/17/2013

Often a big concern among patients is how they will pay for LASIK eye surgery. One tactic that I see far too often is for the patient to call various offices seeking the lowest LASIK price then set about trying to save enough money to pay for the surgery. The problem with this is twofold:… Read More »

Does Pupil Size Matter in LASIK?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 11/03/2012

The short answer is yes. The more precise answer is “It doesn’t have to matter.” The pupil acts as the apperature in a camera constricting in bright sunlight to protect and dilating under dim illumination situations to allow maximum light for visual function at night. Many pupils can be as small as 2 mm in… Read More »

LASIK for Pilots (and Astronauts)

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 09/23/2012

Used to be if you weren’t blessed with naturally good vision, you were disqualified from becoming an airforce pilot or astronaut. Thanks to LASIK eye surgery and some of the newer innovations in vision correction surgery, all of that has changed. After years of study, the Air Force has decided to change their long-standing policy… Read More »

What is the Best LASIK?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Mon 09/17/2012

Many consumers are confused by the various claims made by advertisers about LASIK. Many LASIK providers claim to have the “latest technology” or “most advanced technology”. Some consumers assume that LASIK provided anywhere is the same. Is there a difference between different types of LASIK and is so is there any “best LASIK”? LASIK is… Read More »

Why Tax Law Changes May be Costly to Those Who Delay Having LASIK Eye Surgery

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 09/09/2012

LASIK eye surgery has been proven to save money over years of glasses and contact lens wear and every year of delay costs the individual contemplating vision correction surgery hundreds of dollars in potential savings but recent changes in tax laws can make a delay even more costly.  That’s because new provisions in the Affordable… Read More »

Wavefront Technology and LASIK

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 09/02/2012

Early in the history of LASIK eye surgery, a small sub-group of patients complained about the quality of their vision.  Some actually had 20/20 levels of vision but described issues of “vision not being crisp” or “poor contrast”.  Some complained of disturbed night vision: star-bursting or halos around lights.  Out of a desire to solve… Read More »

Visian: A LASIK Alternative –

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 08/19/2012

What if you could have a contact lens to correct your vision that you couldn’t feel, didn’t have to remove or clean and never had to replace.  That’s the idea of a Visian implantable lens.  This lens, unlike a standard contact lens, doesn’t sit on the eye, it resides inside the eye. So how does… Read More »

A LASIK Surgeon Stamp of Approval

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 07/07/2012

Are you looking for a top ophthalmologist in Raleigh? Consumers have long recognized the value of certification, accreditation and seals of approval. So when choosing a LASIK surgeon, what sort of qualifications should you look for? Technically, any licensed physician can perform LASIK. The medical specialist that performs LASIK eye surgery is the ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologists… Read More »