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Category: Intralase

LASIK for Pilots (and Astronauts)

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 09/23/2012

Used to be if you weren’t blessed with naturally good vision, you were disqualified from becoming an airforce pilot or astronaut. Thanks to LASIK eye surgery and some of the newer innovations in vision correction surgery, all of that has changed. After years of study, the Air Force has decided to change their long-standing policy… Read More »

What is the Best LASIK?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Mon 09/17/2012

Many consumers are confused by the various claims made by advertisers about LASIK. Many LASIK providers claim to have the “latest technology” or “most advanced technology”. Some consumers assume that LASIK provided anywhere is the same. Is there a difference between different types of LASIK and is so is there any “best LASIK”? LASIK is… Read More »

LASIK: Not Everyone “Keeps Up With the Times”

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 05/06/2012

Most patients know that today’s modern LASIK is better than conventional LASIK offered 20 years ago. But many patients don’t realize that most LASIK providers do not offer the latest, safest technology. The most common question that we field from the newly interested LASIK candidate remains ” How much does LASIK cost?” The inquirer presumes… Read More »

Avoiding LASIK Flap Complications

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 03/18/2012

LASIK with the iFS IntraLase laser Most patients know that there are two steps to the LASIK procedure. The first step, and the one most likely to lead to a complication, is the creation of a LASIK flap. LASIK flap complications are basically one of two types: an irregular/inadequately sized flap or a flap that… Read More »

What Causes Myopia?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 11/13/2011

The debate about what causes myopia (nearsightedness) rages on. The fact that myopic parents tend to produce myopic children seems to indicate that myopia has a genetic basis. There is abundant evidence, however, that environment plays a role. A 1968 investigation by Dr. Frances Young, who led a research team to Alaska to study Eskimo… Read More »

LASIK: A Good Procedure Gets Better

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Tue 08/02/2011

LASIK has it’s roots in a procedure first performed over 50 years ago.  A Columbian ophthalmologist described performing a procedure termed “keratomileusis” or corneal reshaping procedure to correct extreme amounts of nearsightedness using a bladed microkeratome and a lathe.  Others began performing the procedure and refined it with better instrumentation and techniques to yield better… Read More »

New Laser! New Laser! – iFS LASIK Surgery

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Thu 06/09/2011

This is a BIG deal! We’re proud to announce that we are the proud owners of the first iFS femtosecond laser in North Carolina.  The iFS laser is a fifth generation IntraLase laser.  IntraLase lasers are now commonly used in LASIK eye surgery.  The iFS LASIK surgery model of IntraLase laser has some unique capabilities… Read More »

Facts are a Difficult Thing to Explain Away

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Thu 09/23/2010

Competitors may make assertions that are opinions eg “we have the best or most precise technology etc.” Our claims are fact-based with clinical studies to back them up. There are less expensive ways to perform LASIK using similar technology but clinical studies prove: The IntraLase laser is the safest way to make the flap (See… Read More »

Does the Type of “Blade-Free” LASIK Really Matter?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 08/08/2010

In the United States there are two main manufacurers of lasers to create LASIK flaps. Consumers may recognize the terms “iLASIK” and “Z-LASIK” as descriptors of a blade-free LASIK procedure and wonder what the difference is. Both lasers boast improvements in flap thickness precision but only the IntraLase has certain safety features that prevent certain… Read More »

IntraLase Gives You a “Do-Over”

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Mon 07/05/2010

Wouldn’t it be great if everytime things didn’t go exactly right you got a “do-over”. How much higher would your grade point average be if you had an opportunity to take that test over that you didn’t study properly for? How much better would your golf score be if you got to take over that… Read More »