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A LASIK Surgeon Stamp of Approval

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 07/07/2012 - 12:39

Are you looking for a top ophthalmologist in Raleigh? Consumers have long recognized the value of certification, accreditation and seals of approval. So when choosing a LASIK surgeon, what sort of qualifications should you look for? Technically, any licensed physician can perform LASIK. The medical specialist that performs LASIK eye surgery is the ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologists have completed a residency in eye surgery but, it is entirely possible to go through an ophthalmology residency program without performing a single LASIK eye surgery. Board certification means the physician has demonstrated competence in the field of ophthalmology through a testing process, but again, this does not insure competence in LASIK.

Most LASIK centers claim technological superiority and report that they have performed a large number of LASIK surgeries but these claims are unsubstantiated and cannot be verified. That is why there is value to organizations like the Better Vision Network. The Better Vision Network is headed by an advisory board of distinguished LASIK surgeons who screen other LASIK surgeons for consumers. Surgeon members of the Better Vision Network are the most qualified and use only the safest, most sophisticated LASIK technology. Potential LASIK patients can feel confident in the competence of the surgeon who has been selected to be a part of the Better Vision Network and looking for the Better Vision Network seal can help streamline the search for a qualified LASIK eye surgeon.