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Archives for: January 23rd, 2011

The Evolution of LASIK

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 01/23/2011

Like many medical procedures, LASIK eye surgery has evolved and improved with time. Many patients are surprised to find out just how long LASIK has been around. In 1949 a Columbian ophthalmologist by the name Barraquer performed a corneal procedure to correct refractive error termed automated lamellar keratoplasty (ALK). ALK involved the use of a… Read More »

The McDonald’s Approach to Vision Correction.

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 01/08/2011

Perhaps you’ve seen the LASIK only centers advertising proudly an incredibly high number of LASIK procedures. They triumphantly exalt the thousands and thousands of LASIK procedures they have performed as though this should be a source of pride much like the McDonald’s restaurants that boast of the billions of burgers served. But doesn’t this expose… Read More »

Are You Guilty of LASIK Stereotyping?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Mon 01/03/2011

LASIK refers to a group of diverse procedures that involves reshaping the cornea under a flap. Over the years, LASIK has evolved with the introduction of many advances in instrumentation and techniques that have made vision correction safer and more successful. Now we can offer conventional LASIK but also Z-LASIK, CustomVue wavefront-guided LASIK , and… Read More »