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Archives for: February 22nd, 2012

LASIK Alternative: The Implantable Lens

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Wed 02/22/2012

For some patients, an implantable lens may have advantages over LASIK.  Intraocular lenses have a long history of use in ophthalmology.  Virtually all cases of cataract surgery utilize an intraocular lens.  Intraocular lenses have a power, just as do contact lenses.  They are placed inside the eye, so they cannot be felt by the patient. … Read More »

How Reliable are Your LASIK Information Sources?

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Wed 02/08/2012

A short time ago, a patient began forwarding information he had gathered on the Internet that he had accumulated in his efforts to become informed on his LASIK options. Specifically he was comparing Z-LASIK vs IntraLase.  The problem was,some of the information he gathered was from a website of a doctor who performed Z-LASIK.  The… Read More »