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Archives for: April 25th, 2010

Z-LASIK is Not IntraLase

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 04/25/2010

Patients are often confused by technical terms and nomenclature related to the LASIK procedures. Many patients are aware that there now exists a technology to create a LASIK flap with a laser rather than a blade. This type of LASIK has been coined “All-Laser LASIK” or “Blade-Free LASIK”. While the potential for a better LASIK… Read More »

LASIK for Military Pilots

Written by Dr. Dean Dornic on Mon 04/12/2010

Within the Department of Defense a total of 25 warfighter refractive surgery centers (Army: 12, Navy: 7, Air Force: 6) completed more than 312,000 refractive surgery procedures over the past 10 years. Laser vision correction has been allowed for all aspects of military service, including aviation, special operations, and support personnel. It is also approved… Read More »