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How Will I Pay for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 02/17/2013 - 12:54

Often a big concern among patients is how they will pay for LASIK eye surgery. One tactic that I see far too often is for the patient to call various offices seeking the lowest LASIK price then set about trying to save enough money to pay for the surgery. The problem with this is twofold: first the patient may be selling themselves short. Remember that this is vision for a lifetime. Instead of choosing the cheapest LASIK surgery, patients should be searching for the best LASIK eye surgery. Second, one of the advantages of LASIK surgery is cost savings versus glasses and contact lenses. The more time spent trying to save up for LASIK, the more money spent on glasses and contacts in the interim.

This reduces the cost advantage.


The sooner you have LASIK eye surgery, the greater the savings.

The best way to pay for LASIK eye surgery is the same way you pay for any major purchase like a car or new furniture: if you don’t have the cash readily available, finance the purchase. Interest rates are historically low right now and most providers of LASIK eye surgery can provide you with financing. You typically may finance for anywhere between one and five years. Some providers may even be able to provide interest free financing. Before you schedule your LASIK eye surgery, you will typically meet with a LASIK counselor. A savvy counselor will check to make sure you take advantage of any insurance discounts when they provide you with the total cost of your procedure. Many can offer several different finance options.

For those who are ill at ease about taking on additional debt, remember that unlike many purchases, LASIK eye surgery is an investment typically saving the patient thousands of dollars. The sooner you undergo LASIK, the greater the potential savings.