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New Laser! New Laser! – iFS LASIK Surgery

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Thu 06/09/2011 - 11:43

An inverted bevel can only be created by the iFS laser. It is the most secure flap for LASIK.

This is a BIG deal! We’re proud to announce that we are the proud owners of the first iFS femtosecond laser in North Carolina.  The iFS laser is a fifth generation IntraLase laser.  IntraLase lasers are now commonly used in LASIK eye surgery.  The iFS LASIK surgery model of IntraLase laser has some unique capabilities applicable to LASIK but also to other types of eye surgery.

IntraLase lasers have revolutionized LASIK eye surgery by replacing an oscillating metal blade with a laser to create the corneal flap: the first step in the LASIK procedure.  Use of the IntraLase laser has dramatically reduced the incidence of LASIK complications.  Clinical studies performed by the Department of Defense using the IntraLase laser has led to the acceptance of the LASIK procedure by the military for combat troops, pilots and even astronauts.  The IntraLase method is now the dominant method for performing refractive surgery by US physicians making up an estimated 61.1 percent of all U.S. LASIK procedures.

The iFS laser is a significant upgrade to its predecessors with more advanced capabilities.  It is faster with the ability to cut complex shapes.  We will be using the iFS to perform LASIK as well as other eye surgeries including corneal transplants.  A unique capability of this laser is the ability to create matching incisions that form ‘lock-tight’ or ‘zipper’ closures. This ultimately leads to a safer procedure and better results.

Of course we’re no strangers to innovation. Our medical director, Dr. Dean Dornic, has been performing LASIK eye surgery and corneal transplants in the Raleigh-Durham NC area since 1998.  He has been performing IntraLase all-laser LASIK procedures since 2005 and is acknowledged as the first Raleigh area ophthalmologist to perform IntraLase.  Dr. Dornic has adopted newer technology as soon as clinical benefits were demonstrated. In the case of the iFS clinical studies prove that this technology leads to maximum flap stability and a lower incidence of certain side-effects such as dry eye. Patients also demonstrate better outcomes and quicker vision recovery.