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LASIK: Not Everyone “Keeps Up With the Times”

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 05/06/2012 - 12:37

Most patients know that today’s modern LASIK is better than conventional LASIK offered 20 years ago. But many patients don’t realize that most LASIK providers do not offer the latest, safest technology.


Not everyone stays “up to date”.

The most common question that we field from the newly interested LASIK candidate remains ” How much does LASIK cost?” The inquirer presumes that LASIK is a product that is equivalent, no matter who the provider. Imagine how shocked the novice inquirer is to find out that almost40 percent of LASIK cases performed in the United States are still done with a blade. And, the majority of all-laser LASIK cases are still performed with earlier generation lasers that lack all the safety features of the latest generation lasers.
LASIK, like any medical procedure, has risks and potential complications. Over the years incremental improvements in technique and technology have been introduced to boost safety and results. But there is nothing to require LASIK providers to adopt newer techniques and technology. That is where the informed consumer come in. If you are willing to accept LASIK as it was performed ten years ago, then by all means, just look for the lowest price. If, on the other hand, you are interested in safety then you owe it to yourself to investigate the technology being used.

LASIK complications like wrinkled or irregular flaps, night vision problems and dry eye can be prevented or minimized with newer lasers and techniques. For those interested in understanding differences in LASIK technology and what the exact benefits are to you as a LASIK patient, we’d like to point you to an e-book available for free download on our website: https://www.visionauthorities.com.


The iFS laser is a fifth generation IntraLase laser

If you’ve been waiting for LASIK to get safer, you’re in luck: it is. But, to get that safer LASIK you’ll have to do your homework and locate a provider who can offer the latest technology and the newest generation of lasers.