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The McDonald’s Approach to Vision Correction.

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 01/08/2011 - 11:25

McDonalds revolutionized the fast food industry with mass production.

Perhaps you’ve seen the LASIK only centers advertising proudly an incredibly high number of LASIK procedures. They triumphantly exalt the thousands and thousands of LASIK procedures they have performed as though this should be a source of pride much like the McDonald’s restaurants that boast of the billions of burgers served. But doesn’t this expose exactly why you would want to avoid such a facility for a once in a lifetime medical procedure?

McDonald’s became a corporate success by automating the production of low cost fast food: not by hiring the finest chefs or providing a fine dining experience. The menu at McDonald’s is somewhat limited. The menu at a LASIK only center is even more limited: everyone gets LASIK. McDonald’s doesn’t have the best hamburgers (some may disagree). Cut rate LASIK centers don’t offer the best technology (although their claims are that they do). You wouldn’t take your spouse out to McDonald’s to celebrate an important occasion so why would you skimp on yourself for such an important event as vision correction? For patients in the Raleigh North Carolina area contemplating LASIK, why not take the step to consult with the Laser Eye Center of Carolina and explore all your options? We can customize a treatment approach that is just right for you.