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Z-LASIK is Not IntraLase

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 04/25/2010 - 10:57

Patients are often confused by technical terms and nomenclature related to the LASIK procedures. Many patients are aware that there now exists a technology to create a LASIK flap with a laser rather than a blade. This type of LASIK has been coined “All-Laser LASIK” or “Blade-Free LASIK”. While the potential for a better LASIK procedure existed with All-Laser LASIK, this procedure had its own set of problems. With time, this technology was improved on and became accepted by patients and ophthalmologists. The original laser to create laser flaps was manufactured by “IntraLase” and the merits of this device has been so well established that over 50% of all LASIK procedures performed in the United States now utilize IntraLase. The Department of Defense has also recognized the benefits of IntraLase and all LASIK procedures performed by the military are performed with IntraLase.

Of course, with time, competing companies have developed similar laser technologies to create LASIK flaps. One such company, Ziemer, has developed a lower priced laser and has termed LASIK performed with the Ziemer laser Z-LASIK. But the consumer should beware, this lower priced IntraLase competitor is not as sophisticated and does not contain all the safety features of IntraLase.

Don’t be confused by Z-LASIK providers who tout that the military has approved “All-Laser” LASIK for aviators and combat troops. That statement is true but all LASIK procedures performed by the military (over 100,000 to date) are actually performed with the IntraLase device, not Z-LASIK. None of the top University Affiliated Eye Care Centers perform Z-LASIK. IntraLase has been been selected by unbiased sources to be superior to Z-LASIK. Don’t be swayed by savings of a couple hundred dollars. Choose the technology selected by our armed forces: IntraLase. And IntraLase is available right here in Raleigh at the Laser Eye Center of Carolina.