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What Matters is Results – Lasik & iLASIK

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Tue 12/07/2010 - 11:17

The prospective LASIK patient may be confused about what to ask about before choosing a Refractive surgeon. Most commonly, they make the assumption that LASIK is LASIK, that all technology and providers are more or less equivalent . They then set about choosing their LASIK provider by calling various offices asking about price.

Often the unwary patient may be swayed by claims such as “newest” “most advanced” or “most precise” LASIK technology. But such claims should be taken only for what they are: subjective opinion with little true meaning.

Over the years, LASIK technology has changed and evolved and several large medical corporations manufacture the various lasers and other equipment. Each of these corporations have found their niche. Some appeal to the LASIK surgeon because of their improved safety, higher success rate, ease of use or reduced cost. Obviously if there was a laser manufacturer that offered LASIK equipment that was the lowest price to purchase and operate and also offered the best result and safety profile, that manufacturer would soon dominate the industry and every LASIK surgeon would gravitate toward that manufacturer.

In the Raleigh market area, there are two main competing LASIK technologies: IntraLase LASIK and Z-LASIK. There also exists a few older and still effective technologies. The main advantage of the Z-LASIK technology is cost and ease of use. The advantage of IntraLase LASIK is superior safety and outcomes.

So there you have it. If you are looking for the cheapest LASIK, Z-LASIK is a possible choice. If you are mainly concerned with safety and want to maximize your chance of achieving 20/20 vision with excellent night vision you will choose IntraLase or iLASIK. Raleigh area patients looking for true value choose iLASIK and when looking for a provider with the longest history of using IntraLase technology, they choose Dr. Dean Dornic of the Laser Eye Center of Carolina.