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Surgeons Believe in LASIK

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sat 12/20/2008 - 09:21

A recent survey by the International Society of refractive Surgery confirms that the surgeons who perform the surgery are confident enough in the procedure to have it performed on their eyes and the eyes of their family members. About fifty percent of the population could benefit from the LASIK procedure. Among refractive surgeons, about 35 percent have had LASIK performed on their own eyes. This is four times greater than the general public. In addition 30 percent of their spouses have had it done, 40 percent of their siblings and 21 percent of their children have had LASIK. I do not wear glasses but I have performed the procedure on my wife and sister. All surgical procedures carry some risk but the safety record of LASIK is so high that surgeons who perform the procedure and depend on their eyes for their livelihood seem to have little qualm about having the procedure performed on themselves and their loved ones.