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LASIK Eye Surgery for Emergency Workers

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 02/07/2010 - 10:53

Concerned about being able to see, has had an increase in emergency personnel having the lasik surgery procedure done. Usually they will choose the Lasik with IntraLase Method.

While LASIK has always been a safe and effective procedure, the IntraLase Method offers patients the benefits of LASIK without the blade. With its enhanced safety profile and superior visual outcomes, the IntraLase Method has been the procedure of choice for the US military and is quickly becoming the procedure of choice for policemen, firemen, EMTs and other rescue personnel.

Dr. Dean Dornic of the Laser Eye Center of Carolina has noticed an uptick in emergency personnel from the Raleigh Durham area seeking LASIK vision correction surgery.

“Glasses and/or contact lenses may not be practical for emergency personnel.” said Dornic. “It’s also common for a contact lens wearer to seek LASIK before shipping out overseas for relief efforts such as is currently going on in Haiti where hygiene may be an issue.”

Being able to see without worrying about losing glasses or discomfort from contact lenses allows many emergency workers to perform their jobs safely and more efficiently.