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Would Your Competitors Admit Your Product is Superior?

Submitted by Dr. Dean Dornic on Sun 01/08/2012 - 11:59

Someone has to offer the best product. But everyone has competition. And, no one has a monopoly on products and services. So if there is always a best, how do competitors continue to stay in business? By distracting the consumer by focusing on some other factor other than quality such as price or convenience and unfortunately at times, by misrepresenting or making false statements.

We have seen some of our competitors make the claim that they offer the best LASIK technology at the lowest price. Obviously if this was true, we would be out of business.


Would you buy a Rolex from this man?

The two things most important in LASIK is safety and results. We have invested in the technology that has proven to be the safest with the lowest risk of complication. In addition, our technology offers the highest rate of 20/20 vision results. So if these two facts are true, what criterion is a competitor using to claim “being the best”?

We will readily admit that it is possible to offer a lower price by using less expensive technology and a lesser level of service but we challenge any competitor to back up their claims of being better with hard data.

We have the proof and authoridative data to back our declaration of superiority. All they have are hollow assertions.