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Near Vision CK & Monovision Raleigh, Durham & Cary

NearVisionSM CK® for Presbyopia Patients

As people age, the lens of the eye loses flexibility, and, with it, the ability to focus on near objects. That’s why most people begin to rely on reading glasses after the age of 40. Dr. Dean Dornic offers an effective solution for Durham / Raleigh presbyopia patients – NearVisionSM CK®.

NearVisionSM CK® (Conductive Keratoplasty®) uses radio frequency energy to adjust the shape of the cornea without cutting a corneal flap or removing any tissue from the eye, as is required in LASIK surgery. In most cases our Raleigh / Durham presbyopia patients have one eye treated, which is then used for near vision, and one eye left untreated, to retain good distance vision. The vision center of the brain soon learns to give preference to the appropriate eye for whichever range of vision is being used.

CK® for our Raleigh / Durham patients is administered using a wand tipped with a fiber thinner than a human hair. It is applied in a circular pattern to the outer edge of the cornea. The radio frequency energy produced by the fiber shrinks the tissue, steepening the cornea and changing its focus to bring near objects into clear view.
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If you think you might be a candidate for CK®, our Raleigh / Durham-area staff can provide you more details. Contact Laser Eye Center of Carolina today.


If you are over 40 and tired of wearing reading glasses, Monovision LASIK may also be an option to consider as part of your refractive surgery decision.      Similar to the goal of CK, Monovision LASIK might be recommended for those with stronger up close vision needs.  See Monovision for more information.

Dr. Dean Dornic is a highly experienced eye surgeon who has helped numerous LASIK patients realize their dreams of clear vision without glasses. In addition, he has established a reputation as a foremost cataract surgery specialist who uses advanced surgical techniques to deliver the best possible results for all patients.